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and hours in the field, with a team of folks who made liberal use of students from san francisco stay and berkeley. secondly we had a lot of emphasis on -- if you will, again information with the task force. so we could come up with interesting analysis, but we wanted to make sure that people experienced that in their real lives of it's not always the case that data is accurate. people know for more and lastly we used visualization and mapping. spreadsheets and documents just don't work and you have to create pictures and that was an informative part of that approach. it was a fun process and we enjoyed it very much. others took over after i was gone and i hope you see it was very informative to the plan. i will introduce the next speaker. >> thank you, peter. i'm john, the ceo of tyco, and trying to maximize the affordable housing for its resides and communities. i want to address finally the likely outcomes in about over the next 20 years, if you adopt this rezoning. what will actually happen in the real world? this is a major upzoning. both residential and commercial. it incre
, that deals with compatibility issues, land use issues. that actually can be done, we had to make many compromises and we bring them to you, and we hope that you have find that they were well-reasoned and support and adopt this plan. thank you. >> thank you to jim niko and the other speakers for providing that kind of background information, which i definitely would not have been able to provide. i am going to move forward with the more streamlined version of the nuts and bolts. obviously we would be available to elaborate or to answer any questions that you may have. but to begin western soma is part of south of market and that was essentially created in 1990 and mixed-use districts, which were somewhat new to the city. east soma is part of eastern neighborhoods, took part of this chunk of the western soma was essentially rezoned and replace the rest of the soma area. and we'll have that removed from the general plan. western soma will essentially plug into eastern neighborhoods, which was approved and became effective in 2009. western soma as you said was removed from that process i
use mix. two bedrooms or more and other physical controls and whatever you fit on the site is the appropriate density. there are minimum ground floor ceiling heights in most districts to allow for more gracious non-residential uses on the ground floor. parking maximums instead of minimums are already in place. there are a lot of very large blocks and they would be required for very large projects to which possible extend alley connections. we do have new requirements for non-residential open space. open space requirements for non-residential requirements and perhaps more importantly, in terms of impact fees, there will be no new impact fee for western soma. again, this will plug into the existing eastern neighborhoods, the existing rates will apply. all of the existing processes and procedures will then apply to western soma as well. there are a few differences worth pointing out. western soma poured out of eastern neighborhoods do its own process and it would be expected it's not proposed to be exactly like eastern neighborhoods. some of the difference worth pointing out
approved and that does not make good land use sense of we want the west soma radmx to work well with the new housing and showplace. and i know radmx is not protecting existing residential uses because many of the proposed sites that are medmx are parking lots and light enough use. pearces with currently uses are zoned along 7th street between -- excuse me, along 7th between th and bluxom to make it more contiguous. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i earn half my income as a piano player and i probably played in every single club, including paradise lounge. i move to that area with the hope i would be closer to the places i play. i think it's important to remember i moved into the neighborhood and knew what the noise would be. it should not be possible for those moving in complaining about the noise that is going on as existing. thank you. >> thank you, mr. wick. thank you for being here. >> supervisors my name is vlad coug, the owner and operator of the butter bar. i wanted to first thank you all for being open and conscientious of entertainment in s
's degree in transportation planning and land use planning. what paul gave me was a detector to figure out when planning is coming at me and when they are lieing? when i think we have done is pushed the boundaries, where we have done the best deal that the planning would introduce to the commission of the plan had conditions. they wouldn't let it be a completely citizen-driven process. supervisor wiener talking about funding for various impact fees we tried to push the limits by create a new way to get more benefits from the developers, and then having developers complete with extra benefits to ensure that the community get more, leveraging scarcity for benefit. when planning and the mayor pull all the politic strings and the task force has burned-out, it's not kosher. i think the win is saving the residential enclase district. by the same token, we don't want to mix the uses. so on folsom street, why allow more entertainment on folsom street? we need more of the seattle-based models to allow residents to have primary stake holder status in determining the out come of the communities bec
a lot of tension. this is a great time for us to establish that. thank you. >> thank you, mr. carson. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is tom [speaker not understood] i am a small business owner and raising my family in san francisco and i work here. i bought 280 7th street. my job is to provide for my family, my employees, and pay my bills. i am proud to call san francisco my home. i am support small businesses like me. i purchased this business four years ago and have been waiting for zoning to be decided. please ensure i can have a modern and safe business. thank you. >> thank you. i'm going to call ten more speakers. [ reading speakers' names ] >> >> marqueza company and i'm here to request that the southwest corner of 5th and brannan, which is 601 brannan, assessor's block 3785, lot 132 be reclassified so the mou district . the purpose of the change would be to allow that site, which houses the architecture department of aau to be considered as conditional use, which is the way it could be under the current zoning. the conditional use was filed in 2012 and actually th
, but it is a good opportunity for us as a city. in terms of the opposition, you have some folks who oppose the project as a whole. i totally respect that opposition. people are entitled to that view, but i think it's important, if you oppose a project just to say that you oppose the project instead of sometimes coming up with reasons to oppose a particular aspects of it. just say you aoppose the project that. is legitimate. i happen to disagree, but i think it's important for folks to say where they are coming from. i am sympathetic to the businesses that will be impacted and every time we do major infrastructure work that in the long run will be hugely beneficial for the city or a neighborhood, sometimes there is disruption and we try to mine minimize that and do everything that we can to minimize the disruption. i believe this plan compared to other proposals does. >> it's using muni funds for expanding muni and improving transit service. and i would encourage the folks who have sent in those letters, i and others have been fighting some pretty big battles recently to actually try to s
in this neighborhood with the mixed-use integrated approach. by encouraging more residential development, especially in the alleyways where the streets are narrow and preserving the area's rich cultural heritage. focusing development with improved pedestrian connectivity and having a discussion about a two-way folsom street, which i know the community has been waiting for a long time and incentiving affordable housing and industry use and office space while embracing the entertainment corridor on 11th street which you will be hear more about with plan's presentation. i am very interested in a conversation that came out of long-term negotiations -- not long-term, the yearlong negotiation s around prop c with inclusionary housing in exchange for reduction of overall impact fees elsewhere. i just wanted to know this is completely voluntary. i do know that within the community, one of the top priorities is building more affordable housing. it's not to say that they would like to do that at the expense of transportation or the expense of open space, but i know that we have certain needs that are a bit
on the non-conforming use controls. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is janet clyde and my name was called in error in the previous item or you would have had my speaker card. i am a former small business commissioner and i'm here to speak on a couple of things that i heard this afternoon. the first is that i would like to congratulate the work of the western soma task force and i hear that arts are principally permitted throughout the district. i would like to have you consider the llp as a low-impact usage. i was one of the first proponents of this new permit and it was not in existence during much of the creation of the western soma plan. so i think performing arts and this limited accessory use is important, because in order for very small businesses to succeed, we need to give them the tools to succeed. so please look at that. the other thing that i heard was this is an historic opportunity to exclude housing in a principally permitted entertainment district. i know this is a very difficult decision, but it's a very important one, because i have
forward before us today. just so the public knows that they are planning about a 25-30 minute presentation. i have 40 speaker cards currently here. so we're looking at about two hours. so i just wanted people to pace themselves and also let me know if you need to leave. but i just think a lot of folks have a lot to say, being that we have had eight plus years of work put into this. so i just wanted everyone to know what you are in store for. so without further ado, i will call up the planning department. i'm sorry. >> thank you, supervisor kim for the introductory remarks and before we get to planning i wanted to make a few initial remarks. i have been following this plan for quite some time back to before i was a member of the board of supervisors and i first want to just thank supervisor kim for her work on the plan. this is not a plan that was initiated when she was in office. and she has done an enormous amount of work on it and i am not envious for steping into a plan as controversial and complicated as this plan, but supervisor kim, i think, has done a very good job
is a development that is approved and under construction. it was a good project to use as an example and pull the numbers from. those are the numbers that would be generated. >> so that is almost slightly less than $500,000 reduction in transit impact fees. if you extrapolate that out, times it by 13 and obviously different projects range in size. some might be larger than that, some might be smaller. i calculate that as being approximately a reduction of $6 million in transit, ped safety impact fees and it's actually an overall reduction of $13 million, including open space impact fees as well. about $6 million of that would come from transit and transit-related impact fees. >> the only thing i'm not sure about there is we would have to look at the development potential site. obviously the numbers used for 900 folsom is a large site , but we could do a more elaborate analysis of those sites within western soma for information next week. but for this week, such an analysis wasn't quite possible. but based on those numbers, if you project that out, using 900 folsom as
numbers and you provided us with 900 folsom street as one of the examples. and the numbers that we see here in terms of the transit and public realm improvements, for example pedestrian safety. it would reduce from 1.25 million to $836,000 for a change of approximately $417,000? >> that is correct. the example we provide sade d is a development that is approved and under construction. it was a good project to use as an example and pull the numbers from. those are the numbers that would be generated. >> so that is almost slightly less than $500,000 reduction in transit impact fees. if you extrapolate that out, times it by 13 and obviously different projects range in size. some might be larger than that, some might be smaller. i calculate that as being approximately a reduction of $6 million in transit, ped safety impact fees and it's actually an overall reduction of $13 million, including open space impact fees as well. about $6 million of that would come from transit and transit-related impact fees. >> the only thing i'm not sure about there is we would have to look at the developme
have had nothing, but problems, homeless encampments, drug use, needles, defecation and it all happens right in front of a playground. >> mr. honda, i want to clarify our office will continue helping in safety of this area. it's not included in this west soma plan. so please do just speak to the plan. thank you. >> all right. >> we're here in support of the western soma plan. many of our clients live or work in those alleyways and we want to prioritize residential development, specifically affordable housing and really urge the committee to support plans and projects that invest in the current communities and invest in our residents and small businesses that serve the existing needs of our community. thank you. >> thank you, miss calderone. >> hi, my name is andrew naris. i wanted to thank the west soma task force and planning department for working on this plan. i know a lot of work went into it, but i want to talk briefly about slim's experience with residential neighbors. one neighborhood in particular was able to threaten our business, and performing citizen arrests on these
, but they need well-defined details as well. there is subdistrict called sali, which used to be ten blocks that follows bryant from 12th to 5th and as written design professionals are excluded from that area. design professionals include architects, engineers, graphic designers and landscape architects. for many reasons, i really believe we should be included as a principal use. what we do as architects is not very different from arts activity or pdr. we build models, that is pdr, if there ever was one. we're essentially an arts activity and we're supporters of it. our staff goes to art openings within two or three blocks i meet with sheet metal shops. i meet with furniture producers on what we're designing. and we're just good neighbors. we're also part of pioneering this, thank you. >> thank you, mr. smith. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is caroline -- [speaker not understood] i am here on behalf of our client, flared diversified properties to discuss a proposed well-reasoned amendment. you should have already received copies of the proposed amendment, but i have additionals
you for listening to all of us. i'm lori thomas, the owner at 532 columbus, which is right on the block before columbus and union. i just wanted to reiterate what i have already told a lot of folks here and director reiskin, which is this is a difficult situation and i think the pagoda palace is the best alternative, as well as i can understand to minimize the disruption in north beach. during the period full time from august to the end of, nor when we had the utility work going forward, our monday to friday lunch sales dropped 25%. i would recommend that the city and mta consider some sort of rent credit for the co-located businesses, certainly on that specific block, perhaps. because it's hard to project all of the influences that affect drops in revenue; right? so i do want to say that i appreciate all the work that everybody has done to try to come up with a solution and if we have to bring the devices up in north beach, i think the pagoda theater offers the best alternative that i am aware of right now. but i do want to speak as a business owner and recognize that i'm
force. it was an impressive process and actually an example that any community should use when trying to plan their future. there was a lot to be learned from the western soma task force and hue they went about their business. i know supervisor wiener you have concerns and i am concerned that as you press your concerns you will derail the plan and you will further delay it. while it won't be undone, it really is in a way kind of disrespectful to the hundreds of people who put thousands and thousands of personal hours into this plan to try to get something that is as good as can be. and yet, people will never always be satisfied with this. i think it's a good plan. i hope you adopt it. i hope you adopt it as-is. and i think it will do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. and that is sort of my ethical standard, serving the greatest good for the greatest number of people. thank you. >> thank you, mr. lewis. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to friday and saturday night. you are seeing a representation of the density in and out of the area within the timeline of the top
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